Monday, September 7, 2009

President Obama's Speech to School Children.

Much hoopla has been made concerning the President's speech to public school children. Is it right? Is it wrong? Is he trying to indoctrinate our children? Is he just trying to encourage them to make the right decisions in their life? etc ....

I personally disagree with most of President Obama's political philosophy. However, like it or not, he is the President. As such there really shouldn't be to much concern about him speaking to children in government run schools.

The public school system kicked God out a long time ago. Since that time the main philosophy that has been pushed upon children has been humanistic in nature. As such, the natural course for the educational system has been towards a socialistic, atheistic indoctrination of children. Any Christian, with a Biblical worldview, who has taken the time to look at the SYSTEM would have to see that.

So even if President Obama was to push his socialistic agenda on school age children, it shouldn't make that big of a difference. They are already getting that type of philosophy for eight hours anyway.

If you are really concerned about what your children are learning, and you should be, then educate them yourself. As a parent it is your God-given responsibility. God did not birth your children to the Federal Government or to the Local Government for that matter. He gave them to you. God will hold YOU responsible for what they believe.

If your children believe that trying to save mother earth is more important than try to reach a lost soul for Jesus Christ, don't blame anyone but yourself. Come out from among them and teach your children the things of God if that is really what is important to you. If it's not, then don't complain about what happens in the Government School System. Just repeat after me.....

I pledge allegiance to the President of the United Socialist States of America, and to the Global Community which he stands for. One mother Earth, under One Global Government, Totally Green, with Education and Health Care for all -- till antichrist shall come.

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    Just sit back and relax, folks. Barack Obama is only performing a routine presidential duty that has been performed by presidents for generations. There's nothing to be afraid of. He's not trying to turn your babies into mini Marxists. This isn't the Trotsky For Toddlers program. The president of the United States merely wants to have a heart to heart talk with the children of America about the importance of a good education, that's all. I promise you, we Progressives do not believe in evil, subliminal messages. Chill out!


    Just kidding.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY